Miss Teria’s Shoe Guess Who

miss-teria-shoesMy dear nocturnal seekers of mystification. It’s me, Miss Teria, your covert hostess of the Night of the Unknown. How much do you think you can tell about somebody just by looking at their shoes?

Guests matched the bios of Gladys Pattee, Jessica Gaulke, Fancy Ray, RT Rybak, Helen Porter, Marield Casewell, Randy Johnson, and Julie Graves to the correct shoes. (You can view the full biographies by clicking on ‘continue reading’ at the end of this post.)

We were pleased to collect gently used shoes for Good in the ‘Hood’s Shoe Away Hunger Campaign (we are still accepting donations!) We wore our favorite foot wear and enjoyed the tunes of the Ungrateful Little String Band.

Until next time,
Miss Teria

Julie Graves a Hennepin History Museum volunteer in 2005 and a survivor of the I-35 bridge collapse. One of her shoes survived and the other was lost in the disaster.

Gladys Pattee developed a pottery-based rehab program for vets returning from WWI. It was used at the Mayo clinic in Rochester MN, and is still used there today. These were the OLDEST shoes in the Guess Who Game.

Jessica Gaulke a Minneapolis Aquatennial Queen of the Lakes who gave up her crown to serve in active duty in Iraq in 2007.

RT Rybak the 46th mayor of Minneapolis. He wore these when campaigning for his second term in 2005.

Helen Porter wore these shoes in her 70’s. They were designed in the 1960’s by Taj, a shoe designer for socialites, and celebrities, including silent movie star Gloria Swanson.

Marield Caswell a doctor who wore these shoes while performing as an exotic dancer in the Minneapolis clubs in the 1970s and 80s. She used the money to pay for medical school.

Randy Johnson served nearly 40 years on the county board, making him the longest serving commissioner in Hennepin County’s history. He was wearing these during his campaign when he knocked on Prince’s door.

Fancy Ray McCloney hosted a public access television program ‘Get Down With It,’ with guests like Tiny Tim and Whoopi Goldberg. A professional comedian and pitchman, he ran for governor in 1998, losing to Jesse Ventura.

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